Nick Bock

CrossFit Southpaw

On our first call together, Markus shared a quote with me that I feverishly scribbled down on a hotel sticky-note I had nearby: do “less but better” he imparted. I keep this now on my wardrobe and have come to see it as a guiding principle for how I run my business. I share this because these three words are quintessentially Markus. This is what I mean:

So many people in the fitness industry scream “leads” from the top of their click funnel mountain while dumping emojis and dollars into Facebook ads that essentially “corner” well-intentioned consumers into joining some short term challenge. While many talk a good game, and probably have good intentions, my experience has been that their knowledge of clickbait and sleazy sales tactics far outweigh any business acumen. Their ideology can be summed up in two words: reaction and volume.

They wait until a problem arises and then throw as many possible solutions at it as possible, hoping that something sticks. I tried this and the only thing it got me was a feeling of emptiness in two critical parts of my professional life: my bank account and my soul. My business was in trouble and I needed help.

Markus has taken the opposite approach that many of these self-proclaimed gurus have: while everyone is frantically running to the right, he walks confidently to the left. I sought him out after months of following his podcasts - I hadn’t seen one ad. He is one of the few people in my life who has under promised and over delivered.

Who I am as a person, the health of my business, and the lives of my clients have all been indefinitely altered through Markus’ guidance. Though I still have much to learn, Markus has taught me that the best solutions are often not complicated and difficult: they are simple and elegant. That focusing on values and making time for foundational habits can bring clarity. This clarity allows me to operate with direction and courage in a way that aligns with who I am and why I got into this business.

The myriad different problems my business was experiencing did not need a patchwork of solutions. They weren’t necessarily problems at all. They were indicators. Indicators that my structure lacked foundation.

What I have learned, through Markus’ guidance, is that my business practices were not in sync with who I was. Parts of them may have been, but others were duct-taped on. It was akin to putting fine china on a picnic table: everything fell to the lowest common denominator.

Markus took me through each part of my business, starting with my foundation. From the ground up, he helped me tweak, revamp, and create something that aligned with who I am and why I got into this business in the first place. He helped me build what I wanted to build — not what he wanted me to build.

As he would say: “Now we are cooking with gas.”

Markus takes years of hard-earned lessons, thoughtful planning, and insight from industry leaders and boils it down into a system that is streamlined specifically for the type of business I want to run. I can be successful and my members can be successful too. Quality will attract quality. Value will speak for itself. Less… but better.


Becca Voigt-Miller

CrossFit Training Yard

To say Markus and Gym Breakthrough was the best thing we did for our business, would be an understatement. Markus’s knowledge about business and specifically the gym business is unparalleled to any thing else out there. If you are looking for someone who will give you sound advice and motivate you every single time that you talk to them, Markus (and Gym Breakthrough) is your guy!!


Mike Turnquist

CrossFit Ergo

If I were to leave a one line review, it would simply say: Wish we hired Markus earlier! My business partner and I purchased a struggling gym because we loved it too much to see it disappear. We had great intentions and tried so many things but I’m convinced without the Gym Breakthrough program our doors would be closed by now. Markus helped us restructure and own a real business that is now profitable and growing. We have systems set up and the operation runs smoothly. We’re bringing in new members at a rate I didn’t think was possible. And I’m talking about sustainable and good growth. And I’m not talking about crazy volume of discounted members who don’t value what we provide. Our average income per client has gone up over 40% through all of systems we’ve implemented. And here’s the best part of all... a thriving and happy community. Our members are absolutely loving the energy and the feeling of the gym now. Not only are they getting healthier and fitter, they’re having a great time doing it. We’ve done this all without being full time as both my business partner and I run other businesses. Don’t mistake that statement though for thinking it was easy. The trick was just doing exactly what was laid out in the Gym Breakthrough program. We figured if it didn’t work we could just blame Markus instead of ourselves. But all it seems we do is brag about our growth to him. I can’t say enough about how much this program and Markus has changed our business, our lives, and all of our members lives too.


Ryan Bucciantini

CrossFit Training Yard

We've been open for 6 years, and through that time I've worked with marketers, guru's, etc, all whom never really lived up to what they were selling, and never really listened to our big picture issues, they just followed their "plan".

From day 1 Markus Gerszi made me feel like we were building something bigger, tackling big picture problems, with big picture solutions.

Gym Breakthrough wasn't a band aid fix, it was a strategic custom plan that helped us fix our intake process, culture, retention and overall business practices so we could really start to develop something special that was easily repeatable.

I'm really comfortable in saying that while we had some growing pains in previous years I'm incredibly confident with the new direction Markus helped us develop, a direction that I feel is most importantly sustainable but also authentically us.


Stephanie O'Donnell

South Tampa CrossFit

We have worked with Markus over the course of the last year or so, and the impact on our business, lives, and psyches has been tremendous. Our gross income has increased by over 50% in this short time and we continue to grow exponentially. I feel more organized and efficient than ever; his advice has allowed me to be more efficient and thoughtful with my time both at home and at work. I finally feel really confident in our decision making and we have a clear vision for the future. We were always very hard-working and ambitious, but spent a lot of time spinning our wheels. Markus’ guidance allowed us to gain the traction we needed to become the business we always wanted to be. The breadth of his experience and his knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. He has intimate knowledge of the businesses he mentors, and is flexible in his thinking and quick on his feet and is able to make real-time recommendations as situations arise. Working with Markus is a game changer!


Marc Persico

Dutchess CrossFit

I began weekly calls with Markus for 10 weeks leading up to my opening here at Dutchess CrossFit and have continued with bi-weekly calls through my first 6 months of operations. In 6 months now we have 120 members and continue to net, after attrition, 10 new members per month. We are clearly on our way to 200+ members. Markus designed everything.. the entire business plan.. from sales and marketing.. to on-boarding new members.. to retaining existing members.. etc. I couldn't have done it without him. He's worth his weight in gold!


Rachel Skinner Harvey

Amnesty CrossFit

Markus has been instrumental in helping us shape a business that leaves us fulfilled, as well as an unbeatable action plan moving forward. He listens carefully to his clients and helps you shape a business YOU believe in! His care, and drive leave him unrivaled!

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