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Special Report: COVID-19 Strategy – Transitioning To A Virtual Gym Model

Among the many who have been negatively impacted, the gym industry has been rocked these last couple of weeks in a way we never saw coming, and there are still more challenges ahead of us. The irony is people need fitness now more than ever to keep them healthy and lift their spirits. 

So what can we do to help our members now AND stay in business so our gyms live on to see life after Corona?

The team and I have put together a very important episode that will cover our strategies for serving and maintaining as much of your membership as possible during these unprecedented times, by transitioning to a virtual gym model.

We will discuss:
  • How to create a great virtual workout and engagement experience that keeps perceived value high and memberships active
  • How to be the leader they need and guide your tribe through these challenging times
  • Ideas on how to generate additional income to bolster any reduced revenue
  • And much more

The episode also includes copy and paste swipe files that you can use to communicate all of this to your community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebreakthroughgymformula/permalink/490660245149328/ 

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